Why Switzerland?

The country's economic situation is noteworthy. Switzerland is one of the world's and Europe's richest countries. Compared to the currencies of other countries, it's national currency is a model of stability. Over the last quarter of the century, the vast majority of the world's currencies have lost about 50 per cent of their value against the Swiss franc. Even today, the Swiss franc loses less than 1 per cent per year as a result of inflation.
The main, though by far not the only advantage of commercial real estate in Switzerland is the high investment security.
There are no restrictions on the purchase of commercial real estate in Switzerland (e.g. offices, retail warehouses, hotels, etc.) Commercial real estate can be purchased both by individuals and companies.
The benefits of commercial real estate are:

  1. Guaranteed continuous income lease payments
  2. Larger income with minimal risks, as compared to bank deposits
  3. Long-term investment as a safeguard against inflation.

As the real estate is run by a professional management company, the investor is completely free from all administrative and commercial responsibilities linked to the management of the facility, as well as from dealing with any accounting or legal issues.